Here Is What You Will Learn...

Your Leadership and Influence

You'll learn the qualities and skills that it takes to stand up against peer pressure and to stand out for what you believe. During fun and interactive sessions, you will explore your passion and purpose. 

Your Identity and Confidence

You'll learn how to define & understand your identity and be confident in who you are. Also, you'll be able to start down a path to discovering your unique abilities.

Your Dreams and Decisions

You'll discover the importance of having goals, dreams and aspirations... and really cool tools to help you keep your eye on your amazing future. 


The Details...

Who: High School & College Girls

What: A day and a half where girls come to learn and connect with each other and realize their identity, purpose and mission.

When/Where: Email us to bring this conference to your city!

Why: This unique event was created with the simple, yet profound, understanding that every girl has the ability to powerfully influence her family, her friends, her school and her community.

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